On Web3 Gaming


Play-to-Earn is dead. It was never viable to begin with —at least, in the early iterations. It was merely a ponzi house of cards. Why P2E failed? It’s simple: it failed to understand why people even play games. And like most Web3 attempts to reinvent the wheel, P2E proponents arrogantly assumed that gamers must be deeply driven by financial incentives.

Turns out they couldn’t be more wrong.

Gaming is a culture. One that is based on the holy grail of a single ingredient: fun. Gamers want to have fun. Every other thing is secondary. Financial incentives will never be a substitute for the F-factor (fun). P2E proponents learnt the hard way that gamers should not be solely rewarded for playing games —it is countercultural to the gaming culture. When the incentives eclipse the intrinsic value of playing a game, gaming the incentives becomes the game. And, inevitably, the game runs out of incentives, and ultimately, out of town.

We started out to build Vage Strike because, several years after the promise of Web3 gaming, the industry is yet to truly evolve past early, shoddy attempts at tastefully designed games that prioritized truly qualitative gameplay and catered to fun.

Most Web3 games have been solely focused on bolting on every financial incentive on their games as rapidly as they can conceive them, without regard to the players’ experience.

With Vage Strike, we are choosing to do things differently. Instead of tacking on meaningless Web3 technologies that do not significantly impact the gaming experience, we are going slow, starting from first principles –the core game itself. Only after nailing that can we proceed to carefully testing what Web3 mechanics can be impactfully integrated.

Unlike P2E —a parasitic ponzi, where degens seek to extract maximum value without adding— we are building a symbiotic layer that will enable everyone to truly contribute creative value in other to earn economic value. The best part: everyone truly owns what they make. Zero restrictions or gatekeeping, global access to a powerful economic layer made possible by the blockchain, and opportunities only limited by your creativity and value provided.

We believe this is the future of gaming. You’re not going be able to make money by just tapping a few keys. You will have to design things, build things, be creative —just like the real world— in other to be rewarded by the market. So why are we building a free-to-play game, then? Our core philosophy is to build games that usher true freedom in every sense. Free as in free-to-create, free-to-create and free-to-earn.

“We don’t make software for free, we make it for freedom.” —Auttomatic

We hope you can join us on our mission.