A New Economy: Creator-based Gaming


Vage Strike is designed from ground up to establish new primitives for a new type of virtual economy in gaming. One where virtual value can be translated to physical value, and everyone is offered equal access, provided they provide value that the market can reward.

Something we have chosen to call “creator-based gaming”. Which is essentially an economic approach to building games that allow anyone to create value with the tools and platform provided by the game.

For Vage Strike the core proposition is creating virtual assets and content that can be sold in the in-game marketplace. Not just that, we also unlock a secondary market for assets that have been purchased and used —provided the assets have been minted as an NFT.


Creator Marketplace

Vage Strike features a decentralized in-game community-generated content marketplace (CGCM) where players and content creators can buy, sell, and trade user-generated content such as maps, worlds, 3D models, weapons, game modes, and mods. Content creators receive direct compensation through smart contracts, incentivizing the development of high-quality and diverse game content.


Vage Strike provides an esports-ready game combined with a player-driven economy. Players can host decentralized tournaments where smart contracts handle prize distribution transparently. This ensures that winners receive their rewards automatically and eliminates the need for centralized intermediaries, providing a fair and trustless competition environment. Players can earn real-world value for their in-game achievements, creating economic incentives for skill development and engagement.

Map Deeds

Vage Strike is designed to be modular and extensible by maps that can be added by players. Maps can be further minted as NFTs and distributed via land sales by creators and projects, customized to their local specs. Minted maps come with NFT deeds that are stored on the blockchain. Each deed comes with a basic layout that includes walls, specifications and assets for the deed owner, and plots where other players in the game can place buildings and other assets.

Map deeds are designed to unlock a different type of in-game economy for players and creators, in line with our vision to build an open-ended game for true freedom and creativity to thrive.

Bounty Pools

Bounties can be created with a prize pool locked by a contract that can be customized in-game. Bounty owners (BO) can define the rules of participation. For example, Bounty Owners can create a prize pool to reward contributors of high-quality maps, skins, and other assets. The winners can be decided by implementing a smart contract rule that allows only the holders of a specific Soul-Bound Token (SBT) to participate, thereby eliminating mass manipulation, and creating a marketplace for UGC.

Leaderboard Rewards

A novel consensus mechanism to recognize and reward positive player behavior, such as sportsmanship, teamwork, or community engagement, and reward players based on their skill level by ranking them on a leaderboard, which increases their on-chain reputation.


Anyone can release limited edition collectible items or characters that can be purchased using the $VAGE token, directly from the Vage game, and listed on the marketplace.


We are creating a different type of digital economy. One where earning must be tied to value creation. Who says creating value has to feel like work? With Vage, anyone can explore fun as an avenue to crafting a living. By employing creativity, players unlock a world where their earning potential is only limited by their creativity.

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